This is my first Flannel post and I am excited. I have been following for sometime and really working hard on making my storytimes my own. I think I am finally getting a style after a year of practice and I can tell a big difference in reception.

Lately I have been loving a song I found on Pandora by Ralph Covert called 'Drivin' in My Car'. I sing it instead of using a CD. This way we can decide our car sounds on the spot.

I start with a conversation about red lights and green lights. When do we stop and when do we go? Then we drive our cars to Minneapolis . . . red light. Stop! After we get the hang of the melody we sing the same tune using a car sound.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

I am amazed by the creativity in noises and sounds cars make. It's a great exercise in stopping and starting, breaking syllables into parts, and being silly.


06/28/2013 1:37pm

Welcome to Flannel Friday, Joy! I love making car sounds and using a traffic light prop. Thanks for sharing your idea.

06/28/2013 7:36pm

I love 'Drivin' In My Car' Thanks for sharing with Flannel Friday!


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